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Drinking Games

Paper, Rocks, Scissors - Ultimate

You’ll need:-
Any number of people.
As much beer as possible and liquor if you’re bold.

The rules:-
Its basic paper, rock, scissors. Same rules and everything but if you lose you take a shot of whatever you’re drinking. The only difference is that ties are actually good for once. If a tie happens, for e.g. Scissors vs. Scissors then no one takes a shot but the next person that loses has to take 2 shots instead of one. If consecutive ties occur then they are just added until the next person, for e.g. 5 ties in a row then someone finally loses, the person that loses has to take 6 shots.

Quarter Wars

First you need six cups and 4 players. If there are more people, you need as many cups plus two. Put one cup upside down and put another cup on top right side up. Then put the other cups around the stacked cups. Fill them with beer. Each cup pertains to one of the people. So 1 of the 4 cups is yours. Here is where quarters come in. It goes around the table. You have to bounce the quarter in a cup. If you hit it in your cup you have to chug half of it. If you hit someone else’s cup they have to chug the whole thing. If you hit it the middle cup EVERYONE has to chug their beer as fast as they can and you have to chug the middle cup and your own!

After one of the cups is empty just fill it back up and keep playing. If someone quits get a new person to come in. Usually the winner is who stays on the longest without quitting.

Actor & Movie

A person names an actor or actress and then you go around and each person must name a movie that the actor or actress was in. It keeps going until someone can't think of one or there are no movies left. If they just can't think of one, they take one drink and a drink for every movie that the other players can think of in 60 seconds. When thinking of a movie, there is a 30 second time limit, after that, you better get ready to drink

Teams can be used, but if a team gets stuck and the other players can think of other movies, each team member must drink the full amount that is given so if the other players think of 10 movies and there are 2 people on the team, each team member must drink 10 times so choose your teammates carefully.