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HANGOFF- What’s the deal?

You’ve lost count of the horrible hangovers you’ve been through and the worse concoctions you’ve gagged over in the hope of relieving your gloom.

Strawberries, soy milk, fried eggs, toast with vegemite….are you retching already?

Why have a hangover at all? With HANGOFF you can drink all you like, party as hard as you want. No hangover, no side effects. Just take a couple of capsules before the fun begins, with water or juice.

HANGOFF can be had quite safely, your drinks won’t even interfere with it! And you’ll get a nice buzz to help you party even more. HANGOFF just makes sure you don’t want to end it all in the morning.

Believe it! No nausea, no aliens battling inside your head, no embarrassing puking episodes, just pumped up energy to rock the party completely.

HANGOFF. Light on the wallet too. At as little as $2 per pill you can’t ask for better, can you?

Make HANGOFF an essential for every drinking session. Keep up with the guys, drink for drink.

No hangovers. Just unadulterated fun!