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Party Must Haves

Here’s a checklist to help you get organized if you’re hosting the party, especially if you’re having it at your place.

For the Bar:

Booze: A basic collection of vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, a couple of wines and plenty of beers should work fine.

Mixers, Flavorings & Garnishes: Chilled water, juices and sodas to use as a base for cocktails, cocktail flavorings to zap your cocktails, plenty of lemons, cherries, green chilies, mint sprigs, and salt will be a good range of stuff to keep in stock. If you’re doing a swanky evening you’ll need funky swizzle sticks, cocktail umbrellas and such things. You’ll need toothpicks too.

Glasses: In different shapes, especially if you’re gonna have cocktails. A mix of short ‘old fashioned’ glasses, tall ‘Tom Collin’s’, martini glasses, wine glasses, and shot glasses, and beer mugs should be more than enough.

A Bar Set: Buy one…unless you already have one. It’s indispensable.

ICE: Lots of it!! Start making ice a couple of days in advance and stock in your freezer. If you can, convince a couple of your friends to do the same. You’ll need plenty!!

A Large Tub: to chill beer and soda cans.

For the Eats:

Plates: Have a few more than the number of guests expected

Napkins: Paper napkins and lots of them. They’re really handy for quick clean ups.

Toothpicks: Very handy, especially if you’re having finger foods.

Cutlery: In case you’re serving stuff like salads, main courses, desserts you will need proper cutlery.

General Stuff

Party Music: Get a good stack ready. You can’t kill a party faster if there’s no good music.

Organize the Food: Shop in advance for chips, pretzels, pop corn, dips and stuff so you’re not pooped before your party. Check out our recipe section, there’s some good ideas of stuff you can make easily a day or two in advance. (Organize a table where you can stack the plates and the grub).

Garbage bin and bags: Make sure you have both ready so you don’t have a clean up nightmare after everyone’s gone home.